“Cooking is an act of love” says a maxim on the wall of Venwoude’s kitchen. Just how tasty and variable vegetarian food can be is proven every day by our cooks, who are all well-trained in wholefood cooking.

Apart from solid Dutch cooking we serve dishes from all over the world. We follow the seasons and strive for a good balance regarding taste, digestibility and nutritional value.

Organic and predominantly vegetarian food
As much as possible we serve fresh, organic, local products that are cultivated with respect for people, animals, wildlife and the environment. Sometimes our vegetables literally come straight from the farm – which you can definitely see and taste!

We also make a conscious choice in eating little fish or meat. Simply because that is more healthy overall, more animal-friendly and less taxing on the environment and climate of our planet.

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Following the seasons

In our kitchen we follow the seasons. Vegetables that are harvested in their natural season taste better and are also easier digestible. Just try eating a tomato on a cold day and on a hot day and you will understand the difference. Besides, vegetables harvested outside their natural season use up more energy, something we like to take into account as well.

In autumn our menu regularly includes pumpkin, winter carrot, fennel root, beetroot and mushrooms.
In winter we serve vegetables like lamb’s lettuce, celeriac, parsnip, cabbage, white radish and oyster plants.
In spring when temperatures start rising, it is time for radish, turnip tops, spinach and kohlrabi.
In summer we enjoy an abundance of tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants and cucumbers.


A healthy balance

As in all aspects of life at Venwoude, we strive for a good balance in our kitchen:

  • in the color palette on your plate,
  • in the contrasts between sweet, sour, salty, hot and bitter,
  • in the alternation between tuberous plants and leafy vegetables,
  • in the use of different preparation methods such as steaming, stir-frying, deep-frying or stewing,
  • between winter and summer dishes: in summer we mostly serve cooling food, in winter warming foods.

Our meals are always pleasing to the eye. Moreover, their nutritional value is geared to the specific needs of the participants of group trainings and retreats. After all, intense bodywork requires a different type of food than a silent meditation retreat.

All these aspects contribute to our physical health, emotional wellbeing and mental and spiritual balance.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Three times a day, the buffet counter in the dining room offers a variety of hot and cold dishes.

Our breakfast caters for all tastes: muesli and homemade porridge, miso soup, cereals, different kinds of fruits and bread. We also serve yoghurt, coffee, (herb) tea, orange juice and various kinds of farmhouse cheese and apple and nut spreads.

Our lunch consists of a freshly made soup, a hot dish like stuffed peppers or puff pastry rolls with spinach and feta, plus a choice of several salads. In summer we serve these raw, in winter we sometimes offer steamed vegetables as a salad.

All dishes can be topped by roasted seeds, fresh sprouts and various dressings. We also offer several kinds of bread, cheese and spreads at lunchtime.

Dinner at Venwoude consists of a daily varying wholefood menu characterized by a subtle balance between tastes, colors, nutritional values and digestibility. Apart from typical solid Dutch dishes, our cooks draw their inspiration from many culinary traditions from all over the world – see below.


International culinary traditions

The Mediterranean kitchen with its abundance of warm, rich flavors is very popular at Venwoude. Typical ingredients include olive oil and garlic, herbs like oregano, rosemary and basil (fresh from our kitchen garden whenever possible) and vegetables like tomato, eggplant, zucchini and fennel.

The Japanese kitchen with its beautiful colors and subtle tastes belongs to the most refined and balanced culinary traditions in the world. In our Japanese-inspired menus we love to incorporate ingredients like brown rice, shoyu, mirin, ginger, miso, seitan, tempeh, tofu and sea weeds.

The Indian kitchen is very versatile, alternating between mild and hot. On our dinner table you will often find dal (a lentil dish), curries and chutneys. Typical ingredients in the Indian kitchen are its fragrant basmati rice, papadums, cashew nuts and herbs like coriander, clove, curry and mint.

We also regularly serve dishes from South-East Asia and South-America. And as far as our own solid Dutch cooking is concerned, our cooks are masters in preparing surprising creations with millet, potatoes, cabbage, peas and beans.