Venwoude For Rent

attractive retreat center in Dutch nature sanctuary


Venwoude is a unique retreat center in the Netherlands, situated on a beautiful estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its general atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth.

Year in,  year out, prominent international trainers and teachers of consciousness work choose Venwoude as their favorite venue because of the palpable spiritual vibe that is present here. This is a place where you feel invited to slow down and turn within, making it an ideal setting for personal growth, bodywork, energy work, meditation, satsang and other processes for spiritual transformation.

The Venwoude Retreat Center is run by a dynamic group of people with a passion for personal growth and consciousness work. From the very start, now 30 years ago, we have made our conference halls, training facilities and accommodations available for groups that have the healing of people, society and our planet at heart.


Our beautiful 40-acre estate is located in a nature sanctuary in the woods of Lage Vuursche, 16 kilometers or 10 miles from the city of Utrecht in Holland. For a short impression, click on the virtual guided tour at the bottom of this page.

The estate’s two focal points are the grand white Villa with kitchen, dining room and terrace, and the glass Pyramid with its reception lounge and bar, a meditation room on the first floor, a dance cellar below and an outside terrace. Scattered over the grounds are three wooden group buildings with training halls/conference rooms, which can be turned into dormitories. We also offer single and double rooms and places for campers and tents.  For more information, see Group facilities, Accommodation, Kitchen and Prices.

Overlooking the Sun Meadow you will find our sauna and a sweat lodge space. Other features include a meditation garden, a walking spiral, a secluded smoking area and further into the woods a place for children. The well-kept borders, lawns with benches and other inviting places are a feast for the eye all year round.


Glass Pyramid

The sparkling Pyramid is the central meeting point for all groups at Venwoude. This striking building consists of three floors:

Ground floor
On the ground floor you find a spacious lounge with a bar, a coffee and tea pick-up point, some tables and chairs and a comfortable sofa corner. Near the side entrance is a cloak rack, a small shop and 3 toilets. Outside you find a terrace with wooden tables, chairs and benches arranged around an open fireplace.

At the bar you can order fresh coffee, alcoholic drinks and organic juices and snacks.

First floor
In the meditation room on the first floor, each morning between 8:30 and 9:00, Venwoude residents and visitors come together for the Day Opening. People are seated on meditation cushions, backjacks and some chairs.

The basement contains a dance cellar of 260 square feet (80 m²) with matrasses, meditation cushions and a high-quality audio equipment.


Dining room in the Villa

The stately white Villa houses the kitchen and an attractive dining room. The six wooden tables with benches seat about 65 people.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served from a buffet counter. There is a pick-up point for tea and hot water throughout the day and coffee in the mornings. For our predominantly vegetarian meals we make use of local organic products as much as possible.
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The large, high windows offer beautiful views on the lawn between the Villa and the Pyramid and on the pool in the woods that gave Venwoude its name (the Dutch word for pool is ‘ven’). Fresh flowers and colorful pieces of art all contribute to a relaxed eating experience.